Debra Hubka – Named 2018-2019 Icon Agent

Dear Debra,

On behalf of the ICON Vetting Committee, congratulations on your incredible achievements this year! You have been approved as a 2018-2019 ICON Agent. This good news triggers a waterfall of amazing benefits coming your way. We will initiate your stock award as well as provide you all of the benefits the ICON program offers.

• Personalized press release to share
• ICON badge for your World avatar
• ICON frame for your Workplace profile picture
• Receive invitation to the private ICON Workplace Group
• Scheduled for regular ICONversation contribution
• Added to the ICON Referral Directory

As a condition of your award, your monthly contribution to the cultural health of our company and our agents is expected. Every ICON consistently gives back to their fellow agents at least one hour each month by either serving on a committee, serving as an eXpand Mentor, serving as an eXp University agent faculty member or serving on a panel. These are all done in the cloud campus so every agent in our company has access to the immense wisdom of our ICONs. If you haven’t already, please identify your intended contribution for this status year. Establishing this now ensures you stay in compliance with the prescribed standards of the program.

Congratulations and welcome to the ICON Agent Program!

All the best,
Kimberly Ryan
Senior Vice President Agent eXperience

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